Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Second Anniversary Gala & '09 Season Kick-Off

Mark Saturday, October 18, 2008 on you calendar!
That's the day we'll be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the reopening of the Empress Theatre! And well be kicking off the 2009 Season Ticket Sales!
We're having a gala party, starting at 7:00 PM, with dinner, an awards program and a sneak peek at the 2009 season, followed by dancing. The affair will be held at Rocky Mountain Raceway, 6555 W 2100 S, Magna. Tickets for dinner, the program and dancing will be $45/couple or $25 per person. If you just want to come for the program and dancing, it's $7.50 per person. Businesses can purchase their own table for up to 8 people for $160, and will get a placard with their business name on the table.
We'll also be kicking off our 2009 season-ticket sales at the gala, so you won't want to miss it.
Dress will be semi-formal, with coat and tie suggested. Call the box office at (801) 347-7373 to reserve your tickets now!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cast List for Babes in Toyland

First rehearsal - Saturday September 20th, 2008 9:00 am at the Empress
If you cant make it please email
We will talk about scheduling conflicts at the first rehearsal, as I know that there will be some now that we have what nights you are performing.

CharacterMon, Wed, FriTues, Thur, Sat
BarnabyJohn PeckhamJoel Clark
GrumiaHeidi ColverAmanda Heywood
AlanSami RoeDanny Eggerts
MaryTara PeckhamAubrey Vance
TomJustin KofoedDallon Thorup
JaneShana DavisSamantha Pace
RigoNathan UnckTroy Larsen
GorzaCowboy AdamErnest McGillicutty
MarmadukeSteve HarmonBrady Flanagan
Widow PiperNancy JensenDebora Searcy
BoStormy BuckwayKristen Olsen
JackStephen MillsapDavid Wade
BlueTrenton OliphantAustin Wrathall
SantaRaymond BrownRaymond Brown
Lead GypsyTBAErin Fair
Gypsies and SoldiersEmmi OliphantHannah Ruth
Katie OliphantStacy Olsen
Mary Alice NelsonRossana Moreno
Daniel BelloRalph Faneus
ChorusCierra ManleyBrittany Millar
Chelsea WhiteTianna Wrathall
Lindsie BresslerAlyvia Wrathall
Charlene HarmonMelina Wrathall
Alina ColverTimsy Rowe
Melody ColverTalyssa Swan
Harley BeckJasmine Dean
Christina OliphantKylee Clark
Jennifer OliphantTera White
Talissa KofoedElizabeth Jane Nuttall

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


For those of you who've wondered what happened to all the posts on the blog, well, we've been reorganizing things a wee bit.

During the August board meeting, the Board of Directors changed the by-laws. The change created a new position of Executive Director for all of OHPAA and eliminated the Empress Theatre Executive Director position. It also eliminated all of the other positions and responsibilities that were held by board members. The new structure prohibits a board member from being either the Executive Director or in any position that reports directly to the Executive Director. Trent Oliphant, who had been filling in as the "acting" (now there's a concept for a theatrical organization...) Executive Director of the Empress Theatre was named as the new OHPAA Executive Director.

Over the last month, Trent has been creating and filling various first tier jobs under his direction, and the board ratified his selections in yesterday's meeting. Nolan Mitchell was named as Artistic Director, Joline Walgamott is now the Development Director, Porter Williams is Marketing Director, and Kathy Wilcox is remaining in her old position as house manager.

As a result of these changes, two vacancies were created on the board of directors when both Trent and Nolan had to give up their seats to take the executive positions. Mike Caldwell, the vice chairman of the Board also received a call for a senior LDS mission to Mongolia, so Mike will be resigning from the board soon as well. So in last night's board meeting, Mike stepped down as vice chairman, and Mason Heywood was elected to that position.

That left the secretary's position vacant. I think the other board members think that I'll be so busy taking notes that it will shut me up, so they elected yours truly to be the new secretary. Little do they know...

So I will be posting as the board's secretary from now on. Maybe some other posts, too.