Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Help Wanted

Do you like to work with Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign? How about Dreamweaver? Do you like to write or is photography more to your liking? Would you like to plan parties and events? OHPAA and the Empress Theatre need people who like to do all of these things and more to help out in our Development and Marketing Departments.

We need artists to design and produce our posters, fliers, postcards and programs. We need photographers to take publicity and production pictures, and to take "head shots" for our programs and other printed material. We need copy writers and proof readers, and people to chase down errant actors to get their biographies. And people to deliver fliers to businesses and other locations around town.

We need folks to work with our web team to maintain and update our website, our blog and our presence on Facebook and other "social networking" sites. There's a need for people to work on our email newsletter and announcements.

And we need folks to help plan fund raising events and campaigns; help develop our sponsorship program and maybe even help with designing T-shirts and such. And if you'd prefer to be more of a behind the scenes player, we need people to manage our patron and donor database, research grant opportunities, and manage grant programs.

There's a ton of fun stuff to do. And it is all important and rewarding work. Exeprienced or just learning, we need your help! Come join our team! This is a great opportunity to exercize your creativity and do something for the community at the same time.
If any of this sounds interesting, shoot an email to twimmer@empresstheatre.com and let me know what you'd like to help with.


Red said...

You know I'm willing to help where and when I can. Photography and proof reading/editing are things I love to do. I love to write as well, but I'm very good at editing.

Tad said...

Thanks Red, I've read some of your stories, and yes, you can write... But don't be using any of that telekinsesis stuff on me, OK?