Thursday, May 1, 2008

See, we told you there was a ghost in the Empress Theatre

When we host field trips for elementary school kids, we tell them there's a ghost in the theatre. Sometimes, if there happens to be an actor handy, we'll even show them a ghost. But when a group of paranormal investigators came to visit us a few days ago, this is what they reported:

The first thing we did was go down in the cellar and use Laurel's Pendulum. When we were heading down there Mary and I, and few of other people smelt something like a pine tree smell. We thought it might have been all the props, because in a theater props do smell. Tom, who is the teacher of the ghost buster’s class, said there were a few ghosts, or more like five.

Okay... But it gets better.

We started to ask questions like is there someone in here? What’s your name? Are you a little boy or girl? All of a sudden we heard some little boy laugh in the auditorium up on the deck of the seats. So Tom asked if there was a boy here. The angel board said "yes'.

Aparently there are several ghosts in the Empress Theatre. Their names are David, James, Anna, Jim, Andy and Jenny. David is allegedely the original owner/builder of the Empress and fell to his death from the balcony during construction. He's not the friendliest of ghosts. Andy is a little boy, and I think David's son, but I'm a bit unclear on that.

Jenny supposedly was a dancer at the theater in the "early 1990's." That's a stretch! But one of the investigators said this, "Talking to Jenny and then hearing her laugh in the background on the recorder was a trip." A third member of the investigation team reported, "And the EVP's of Jenny are so amazing! If I hadn't been there it would have just been another story I heard from someone else. But I was there and it was great." Perhaps she was one of the Burlesque dancers in the early 1920's?

I was a bit surprised that they didn't find a ghost actor named Leo... Or maybe they did, and all of the other ghosts were just Leo playing several roles.


Nate and Angie said...

I'm curious. Did they say anything about the ghost named James? I've heard stories from several people about him, including my husband, that had run-ins with him, and he wasn't very nice. In fact, I don't like to go anywhere in the basement of the Empress alone due to what I've heard from those who experienced an encounter with him. However, I do like hearing about the stories, both of encounters with the ghosts and what their backgrounds are. If you have anymore information you can share with me about these ghosts, I'd like to hear the stories.

Mary said...

Yes we did get something about a Jim or a James. Mary