Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Thank You's

A big special thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the 4th of July Empress Theatre Style!

Suzanne, Michele, Pam, Tammy, Dr. Haggart, Douglas, Amy, Ginny and all the ushers and tour guides and other people whose names I don't have who helped with the yard sale and the theatre tours. We made a little over $800, which is good money for a yard sale. I'm not sure we made enough to justify doing all the work everyone did again, but we're that much closer to our goal of raising the down payment on the Empress! Way to go!

Steve, Liz, and all the cast of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the cast of "Jesters Royale" (It was as big a surprise for me as it was for you) for your presence in the parade and for passing out the fliers. A special personal thank you to Adam McKinlay for rescuing Amy and Ephraim with the 4-wheeler.

Laura Bedore, KOSY-FM and Green Team Utah for providing our parade announcer. As usual, Laura was terriffic!


Amy said...

You make it sound like we were in danger or something. I was just very foot/back sore. To clarify because of the road closure I had to walk from our house on 8000 W. with Ephraim in a backpack and he is one heavy 2 year old. And about half way there Adam came on a two wheeler and took us back to the Empress. Thank you.

Tad said...

Hey, anything to make the story interesting! I think I was the one in danger if you'd had to walk all the way.

Amy said...

There is that