Friday, July 11, 2008

Strongest Opening Night Ever!

I only need four words to describe Seven Brides for Seven Brothers opening tonight: Sold Out! Standing Ovation!

Steve Harmon (Adam) and Liz Oates (Milly), and all the rest of the cast were in top form tonight and wowed the sell out crowd in the Empress. This was the strongest opening night I've seen at the Empress.

If you weren't there tonight, you'd better get your tickets quick, cuz the word is gonna get out!


Ginny Williams said...

to your 4 words Tad, I'd like to add WOW.
I brought two others that had never been to the Theatre, and one of them has made plans to come back to the theatre with his wife. he loved it.
way to go cast and crew of Seven brides for Seven brothers... you really reeled them in last night

Anonymous said...
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Pat said...

What a fun way to spend a Monday night. Bravo to the cast!