Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Rehearsal

I finally had a chance to go to a Seven Brides rehearsal last night! (I'm designing the lights, and it's usually a good idea to find out where the director is putting the actors. They always find some new place to put somebody where it's a bit challenging to get light! Seven Brides is no exception!) Douglas and I will be setting lights tonight after the rehearsal, and probably tomorrow after the parade, which could be interesting for anyone taking a tour of the theatre.

Liz Oates managed to get a hold of some rehearsal pictures Erica Jones and her mother took of one of the rehearsals and posted them on her blog.
Things are coming along wonderfully on the production. Porter is an extremely talented director-choreographer, and he's put together a great cast for this show. Get your tickets early, and tell your friends!

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