Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Win-Win Solution

Would you invest an hour of your time to raise $50 for the Empress Theatre?

Would you invest an hour of your time planning your financial future?

Here's the deal: We've just formed a business alliance with Ameriprise Financial Ameriprise, (ranked 296 on the Fortune 500) has been around for more than 110 years providing solutions to help people change how they think about their money. Their specialty is creating financial plans to help their clients reach their personal goals and dreams. Their unique and comprehensive Dream > Plan > Track>® approach helps their clients create and manage a personalized and long-term financial strategy. Go check 'em out!

If you call Amy at (801) 864-5280, schedule a free initial consultation with a certified financial advisor, and let her know that you were referred from the Empress Theatre, Ameriprise will donate $50 to OHPAA! There's no obligation beyond spending an hour with the advisor. Now if everyone of the 482 unique visitors to this blog over the last month were to schedule an appointment, that would be over $24,000 for the Empress Theatre. How cool would that be?

And, if Ameriprise's services are a match for you and you sign up as a client, Ameriprise will donate another $50 to OHPAA.

What are you waiting for? Call Amy now! (801) 864-5280.

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