Sunday, June 29, 2008

4th of July in Magna!

We've been getting a lot of donations for the "Super Colossal Yard Sale," and the Tribune and the Provo Herald have both published our notices. Joline is going to need some help tagging and pricning stuff. We can use a couple more hands to help run the sale too. If you can help, call the box office and let Suzanne know!

In addition to the yard sale, we'll be selling concessions both in the parking lot and in the Empress Theatre lobby. And we'll be offering tours of the Empress, so bring your friends that haven't seen a show yet.

In the meantime, there are some other cool things going on in Magna on the 4th:

  • Lions Club Chuck Wagon Breakfast from 8:00 to Noon!

  • The Senior Citizens Center is having a rumage sale (We're the copycats!)

  • The Arts Council of Magna is having an art show featuring local artists in the Magna Chamber of Commerce building

  • The annual Magna-tude parade will start at 12:30. Laura Bedore will be announcing the parade from near the Empress!

  • All of the normal Copper Community Park Festivities will be be happening, including the carnival.

  • Fireworks after dark.


joey chick said...

hey im supposed to help joline out but i have no clue when and what time can ya help?


Tad said...


I'll post the details as soon as Joline calls me back. In the meantime, call the box office at 347-7373 or email