Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fund Raising Update

WE DID IT!!! Thank you to everyone who donated or who helped recruit others to our cause. We didn't get enough in time to go with a color program, but we will have a slick black and white book.

Here's the honor roll of donors:

Betsy Vandenberghe pledged $50-$100

Jann Lowder, $100

Laura Bedore, $100

Kathy Wilcox, $100

Clyde Hendrickson, $200


Rocky Mountain Power, $1580!

The Rocky Mountain Power donation is kewl. Clyde works for Rocky Mountain, and has done a bunch of volunteer accounting work for us. The power company has a program where employees can volunteer their time to a non-profit like OHPAA and the Empress Theatre, and the company will make a donation based on the number of hours donated.

So, a big thank you to Clyde Hendrickson and to Rocky Mountain Power. And to everyone else that contributed, large and small.

All of you other volunteers out there that have regular day jobs: check with your employers and see if they have a similar program. If everyone who volunteers at the Empress Theatre worked for a company like Rocky Mountain Power, my job would be soooooo much easier!


Ginny Williams said...

This is great news... thanks for sharing the update with us.
what can I help with for marketing for the shows we have coming up?

Tad said...

Ginny, we always need people to take fliers around town and to pass out postcards to friends. Contact me offline and we can discuss. That goes for all the rest of you lurkers out there too!