Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fourth of July Parade Surprise

One of the unique and really cool things about Magna is the annual 4th of July Parade. You can read more about it, and the drive to restore the town float here.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, the parade sponsors contacted OHPAA and asked if we could find a "theater geek" or two to announce the parade. Several names were tossed around (including mine by some sleep deprived crazy person). We thought Steve Harmon might do it, or maybe a couple of the W.I.P players. But then we remembered that we have the Salt Lake Valley's uber theatre geek among our list of friends. We didn't know if she'd do it though. I mean, we were asking her to commit her holiday to the parade.

So a couple of us asked her if she'd consider it. She said, "Yes, I'd love too." Then she asked if we could get some other people entered into the parade. I hope we got that all hooked up.

The last email I got from her, she told me, "I'm there. You can't get out of it now!" Which has me a little frightened. What is it that I can't get out of? Why is it that short red headed women can be sooooo intimidating?

Any way, our parade announcer for this year is going to be the host of KOSY-FM's Show Tunes Saturday Night, Laura Bedore.

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Ginny Williams said...

how awesome is that... I am excited for that, I love her show.