Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Lesson Learned

Yesterday evening, Mara, Peter, Neeva, Meyrick and I jumped in the van and drove over to the Empress for closing night of Big Bad Musical. When we got there, the lobby was packed, there were two lines at the will call desk, and Joline had jumped in to help behind the concession counter.

I slipped over to the will call desk and told Kathy that, in the off chance that she got everyone seated and still had a some seats left over, that the five of us were there. She laughed at me, then showed me the waiting list. And that was after the ushers had deployed all of the temporary seating.

When we left to come back home, Douglas Nelson was giving up his seats to another patron. The kids were a bit disappointed that they didn't get to see the show again, but I was elated that our young performers' theatre had gone "solid with a waiting list."

There will come a time, and I don't think it's too far off, when this is the norm. I guess I'll just have to get used to reserving my seats on line.


Ginny Williams said...

It was soo crazy working down there that night, but it sure was fun. I dont think any of us worked in just one area... we all jumped in where we were needed, ushers, consessions, tickets, greeters, even a few volunteers that were there as a patron jumped in to help get everyone that we possibly could int.
The ushers gave up their seats and stood inside, as well as extra chairs in every nook and crany we could think of.
I too, was so excited to see such a wonderfully LARGE turn out for closing night of Big Bad Musical. I think this is a great reminder for everyone to reserve your seats online early.

Anonymous said...

So, I thought this blog was the Empress blog. Isn't it supposed to be about stuff related to the theater and the goings on? I know that some of these posts are exactly that, and some are VERY loosely related to the Empress, but come on! Since when did this blog become 'The Tad Wimmer personal blog' ?

Tad said...

The "Tad Wimmer personal blog" is actually at http://insidetadsmind.blogspot.com/
It's one of three. You'll have to find the other two on your own.

The post anonymous attached this comment to was about a sell out crowd at the Empress... non-sequitor.

But for the record, I write things for this blog that I think other friends of the Empress Theatre will enjoy reading. Based on the feedback I've gotten so far, I think our anonymous commentor is out numbered, but please feel free to let me know if I've gone too far afield.