Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Empress once again a star

On the bus ride in to work this morning, several of the other passengers on the bus were discussing the detour the bus is taking around Magna Main Street.

Some of you may have notice the banner hung across Main Street announcing 4th of July Fireworks. Those of you who've looked closely may have wondered why the banner has the name of some other town on it.

An there's a new marquee hanging in front of the Empress Theatre. And planters on the side walks, a "grand opening" sign on the Magna Hardware building, and a few other odd bits of decoration around the Empress Theatre.

Our 91 year old former burlesque queen is once again a star in her own right. Film crews are shooting a movie called, if I heard correctly, Samantha D. This is the third movie shot in the Empress Theatre block in the last year, and the second to have featured the Empress Theatre. (Dadnapped, scheduled for release in October, and American Pastime are the other two.)

On the subject of movies shot in Magna, here's a trivia question for you. What Gary Sinise Molly Ringwald miniseries was partially shot near the Empress Theatre, and where was it shot?
I'll give a pair of show tickets to the first person to post the correct answer in a comment.


Ginny Williams said...

I know the answer, but dont need the tickets (as I'm volunteering there alot)
I'll put my answer here (the Stand) but you can delete it until you get the answer.
fun trivia Tad.

Tad said...

Well, Ginny, you're half right. But it was a two part question, and you didn't answer the second part.

Glad you like the game. There'll be more...

Ginny Williams said...

you're right, I read it, skimmed right over that 2nd part..
it was filmed at the old Rexall drug? I'm guessing at that one however.
I know that when the characters are driving to some town in California, it is the 201/I-80 and in one shot you see Cyprus Credit union in the background as well.

joey chick said...

hey hey ya the movie being filmed is called samantha d. its the sequel to donnie darko one of my favorite movies and from the way the guy i met today was talking its going to be way awsome!

Leisa said...

Bummer that Ginny knew the answers but wasn't eligible. I was going to post the answer. Oh well.