Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Glory in her rightful place atop the Empress

Last Fourth of July, I noticed that the Empress Theatre has a flag pole directly above the sign. I also noticed that there was no flag on it. I was aghast! Expecially since I had donated a flag to the theatre shortly after St. Patrick's Day.

Turns out the flag pole didn't have any of the rigging needed to actually fly a flag.

I made a promise to myself that I would get that fixed before Flag Day this year.

Well, the day before Flag Day was Friday the 13th of June. I wasn't superstitious before that day, but I am now!
Starting on Thursday evening, my kids started getting sick, one by one, until all but two of them were down. About 2:30 Friday afternoon, Amy called and said the baby had rubbed some muscle rub into his eyes.
When I tried to come home early to help out my very stressed wife, I discovered that the brand-new right front tire on my pick-up (a tire with less than 200 miles on it) was flat. It had picked up a staple. Jack was stuck and couldn't get under the frame of the truck. Finally forced it down and got it into position. A piece of the jack handle was missing. I had to call Amy to come rescue me with another jack and a portable air compressor.
Amy got sick later that evening, and I finally caught the stupid bug around 3:00 AM on Saturday.

So, I didn't get the flag pole fixed in time for Flag Day.
But... "Old Glory" flew for Father's Day!
Now to figure out how to paint the pole...

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Rod said...

So it was you who did this? Joline and I drove down main street Sunday afternoon and were excited to see the flag flying. Then, this morning the movie people came in to my office and asked if they could put a flag on the pole. I said “your crew already put a flag up on Saturday” They were really surprised and denied having put the flag up. I said, “well, look outside. The flag is there now. It must have been your crew who put it there.” Of course, the flag was not flying and they thought I was a little crazy. I told them to go ahead and put a flag up and asked them to leave it up when they are done.