Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogging the Dadnapped Set

While wandering around the blogsphere this afternoon, I found this wonderful entry. That got me looking for Dadnapped stuff. Even Emily Osment has a little blurb about beautiful downtown Magna, though its a bit old and the pictures are from before the street was dressed as a movie set.
I'm excited to see Dadnapped when it comes out this fall, but I'm afraid the star won't be Ms. Osment for me, but my 91 year old, somewhat eccentric former Burlesque Queen, The Empress Theatre. (Sorry Emily, but you're too young for me anyway.) But she did post this kewl graphic on her website's gallery, and a publicity still that I can't place...
While I'm thinking about it, does anyone else have any pictures of the outside of the Empress (or of "Mercury's" Main Street) from the Dadnapped shoot? I'd love to put some in the Empress scrapbook! If you do, send me an email to and I will tell you where to upload them.

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Sherry said...


Thank you for linking my blog page about the Dadnapped movie "set" and for your comment.

In answer to your comment; I have just a few more photos from the buildings' store fronts but since I was only there in the wee hours of the morning and in the afternoon for a few minutes each - prior to the shoot - I didn't get much more than that.

Thanks again for stopping by!