Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Educational Value of Performing at the Empress Theatre

I got an email yesterday from Stacey Case. Stacey works in the counseling center at Cyprus High School, and her son, Brandon, played the Baker in Joseph. Her email was part of an extended conversation we've had about her observations, as both a mother and someone who works within the school system, of the impact of working at the Empress. I want to share her comments with you:

How do you teach persistence, dedication, punctuality, personal
presentation, and adaptability? These are concepts that can be difficult
to learn, let alone teach. The Empress Theatre experience teaches these
concepts to youth and adult alike. My son has grown in these areas through
his Empress Theatre experience. With rigorous schedules and dedication to
perfection the students become engrained with these concepts.
Opportunities abound for a person to explore and expand these concepts through a
group or an individual performance. Student actors are encouraged to excel
in school as well as in their personal lives. These experiences transition
to their education and create a well rounded student.

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