Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What makes you volunteer

I was contacted earlier in the week by Lisa Mann, a free-lance writer doing an article for DramaBiz magazine. Her story is about how live performance theatres, like the Empress, attract and retain volunteers. She was most interested in higher levels of volunteerism, like donated creative services or donations from lawyers, and so on. We'll have to keep our eye on DramaBiz for the next few months to see if the Empress gets a mention.

In the meantime, her query has me curious. For those of you who volunteer at the Empress, in whatever capacity, I'd like to hear from you. Why do you volunteer? If you're not an Empress volunteer, then why do you choose to volunteer, or not, for other organizations?

The Empress has some incredible people who keep coming back and doing more and more. And its not all actors wanting to be on stage. When I think of Joline Walgamott, our executive director, or Kelly, our stage manager, or Douglas, our house technical director, and others who give beyond the call of duty, often neglecting other parts of their lives, it gives me pause... and it inspires me!

So click on the comment button, and share with us what the fire is within you!


musicgirljen said...

There's something about the Empress that catches hold of you and pulls you right in. I only auditioned for Joseph because I wanted to be on stage again and it sounded fun, but we hadn't gotten too far into rehearsals before I somehow just fell in love with the place. The sense of camaraderie is tangible, and you get to work with a whole bunch of truly awesome people. Maybe part of it too is that with such an interesting and rich history as the Empress has, you can't help but want her to succeed and become recognized on the same level as certain other local theaters. People always love to feel that they're truly making a difference, and at the Empress, you can.

Anonymous said...

This is Rach...
I guess the reason why i decided to devote so much time to this beloved theatre, is actually simple. I feel needed. The family love is in the air and you walk in and you just can't help but smile. I've only been at the theatre since February 19,2008 and I've already worked over 600 hours. I wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone there is so amazing and just have the same love for the theatre as i do. It isn't like High school drama productions, that's just social hour. Here people what to do this because they love the theatre AND the people. I found a home away from home ( think the theatre is more my home there where i eat and sleep-wait i do that at the theatre...dang the theatre is like my only home now^^) but again i wouldn't have it any other way. I love making a difference for everyone who loves the theatre. If the audience leaves with a smile plastered on there face, then it is totally worth all the hours any one puts in the show. For me it's what makes the show. The hours of love put into it only makes for a stronger show and better audiences...if the audience is happy then so am I.That is why i do it. Because it makes me happy. ^.^