Sunday, April 20, 2008

Deseret News Covers "An Evening of One Act Plays"

Since I'm taking a break from doing technical work at the Empress Theatre until Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, it was a refreshing change for me to just be an audience member for opening night of "An Evening of One Act Plays." All four of the plays were delightful, and I heartily recommend coming to see them.

If you didn't see Erica Hansen's write-up in Deseret News on Friday, check it out. The photos are Nate Unck and Amy Krantz in The Casualties, and were published by the Deseret News accompanying the story. They were taken during technical rehearsal.

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Nate and Angie said...

The plays are all good and fun to watch. And "The Casualties" always makes me cry! I need to remember to have tissues in had at the beginning of second Act so I'm not wiping my tears on my sleeves again. Thanks Nate, Amy, Suzanne, Merrick, Jenni, Adam, Joline, Nolan, etc.. Sorry if I left out any names, but there are a lot of you. Anyway, you are all doing a great job! It's fun to watch ya'll perform!