Friday, April 4, 2008

Tickets Available ONLINE!

Tickets for Empress Theatre productions are now available online! Here's how it works: Click on the link on the main Empress website, the "tickets" link here on the blog, or just click here. You will be taken to a secure website with a list of Empress shows that you can purchase tickets for. Select the production you want to see (today only Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is available) and a click opens a list of performances, and tells you how many seats are available. When you click on the "Buy Tickets For" button, a diagram of the Empress's seating comes up. Next you select the section where you want to sit.

Red seats are already sold, green are available to purchase. Pick the seats you want by clicking on them. When you're ready click on the appropriate button, and you're looking at a new screen where you're presented with pricing options. If you don't already have an EZTicketLive account, you'll be asked to register at this point, or if you already have an account, enter your credentials.

The next screen displays the total price you'll pay for the tickets. It also adds a $1.50 convenience fee. This is a fee we pay for the online ticketing service.

Now for my favorite part: On this page is a place to enter a donation. Feel free to put large numbers in this field.

Then select "print at home" to have the tickets emailed to you. At the moment, this is the only option, but there may be others in the future. Next select your payment method, and enter the payment details. When you're ready, click on "process card."

Check your email, print your tickets and we'll see you at the Empress!

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musicgirljen said...

Awesome system! I love it!