Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Okay, my curiosity is getting the better of me...

There is a town in the Fens of England, about 89 miles north of London, called March. It's in Cambridgeshire, on the Nene River. Because it has the same name as a month, it is difficult to find much informaton about the place via a Google search, but we know that the Oliver Cromwell Hotel is there, and the Willows Motel has closed (bummer!) . We also know that Kodikatz Bengals, a cat breeder, is located on Gold Street (kittens are cute). Beyond that we haven't a clue what might be there.

Oh, and St Wendreda, daughter of King Anna, who shunned the life of a princess and dedicated her self to healing and spreading Christianity, became the Hermitess of March. Her relics are enshrined in the Wendreda Church, world famous for its "magnificent double-hammered beam roof along with 120 carved angels." (The picture is of her church.)
Okay, yes the town does have a website too. But it wasn't easy to find.

For some reason, someone in March has developed an interest in the Empress Theatre's blog. Since we started blogging on March 24, we've had 21 visits from March, an average of one per day.

We know you're out there... Please leave a comment and tell us who you are.


Anonymous said...

It is me. Born and raised in West Valley and a proud alum of Cyprus. I have lots of interest in Magna's newest theatre and, admittedly, quite a few good friends involved in it. It is on my blogroll and, while I thought I was silently stalking the page - it appears I am not. At any rate, let it be said that you have fans of the Empress World Wide. :) Keep up the good work.

Tad said...

Whew! (wipes sweat from forehead) I was afraid that Sir Andrew was checking to see what we've done to Joseph.
We're 'appy to 'ave you lurkin' about.
Just a little correction though... The Empress is "Salt Lake Valley's newest little ol' theatre."