Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two New Sponsors

Forever Roses and Give-Me-a-Break Home Cleaning are the two newest Empress Theatre Advertising Sponsors.

Forever Roses has been donating raffle prizes for a while and has just decided to add a program advertisment. (Just in time for Mother's Day too... ***hint hint***) They are located at 2690 South 7200 West in Magna. Phone number is (801) 250-5637. When you order those roses for Mom, be sure to tell Chris we sent you!

Give Me A Break Home Cleaning comes to us via Liz Brown. Liz worked as our stage manager for several shows, before moving on to other things in her life... Like Grad School. If she is managing Give Me A Break as well as she managed the Empress stage, they will have a lot of very happy customers.

These two new sponsors join England Counseling, Old Town Art and Frame, Linelle Autumn, and the Walgamott Group in sponsoring our programs. Without this support, we'd still be xeroxing. So if you get a chance to send some business their way, please do.

And if you'd like to place your own ad, please give me a call.

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